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Toast Skagen 14 € -Shrimps and archipelago bread

Escargots Purje 13.50 € -Garlic butter, blue cheese cream, baguette

Mushroom Pan 13.50 € -Garlic butter, blue cheese cream, baguette

Salmon Tartare 14 €- Cold-smoked and cured salmon, bread chips, lingonberry vinaigrette

Small Green Salad 8 €- Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, melon, and herb vinaigrette


Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, marinated red onion, melon, herb oil, baguette

Goat Cheese Salad with Balsamic Syrup 18 €

Chicken Salad with Parmesan Shavings 18 €

Smoked Salmon Salad with Horseradish Cream 19.50 €


For Children and Small Appetites

Children's Burger 13 € -Patty, ketchup & fries

Sausage Basket 13 €- Local Huilu Tuhti sausage, ketchup, cucumber and carrot sticks, fries & aioli

Chicken Basket 13 € -Chicken fillet, cucumber and carrot sticks, ketchup, fries & aioli

Small Creamy Salmon Soup with Homemade Archipelago Bread 10 €

French Fries with Ketchup, Aioli, Cucumber and Carrot Sticks 6 €

Main courses

Archipelago Fish Plate 26 € -Herring, Baltic herring, cured salmon, egg, smoked fish mousse, potatoes, and archipelago bread

Creamy Salmon Soup with Homemade Archipelago Bread 17 €

Harbor Mussels 25 € -In a white wine broth with a hint of chili and tomato, served with fries, aioli, and baguette

Whitefish from the Bothnian Sea 28.50 € -White wine butter sauce, herb vinaigrette, new potatoes, and vegetables

Pepper Steak (Beef Tenderloin) 38 € -Creamy cognac-pepper sauce, roasted potatoes, and vegetables

Garlic Steak (Beef Sirloin) 28.50 € -Garlic butter, rustic fries, and fresh salad

Laitsu's Ribs 25 € -Pork ribs, coleslaw, rustic fries & aioli

Platter for Two to Share 48 € -Ribs, chicken fillet, coleslaw, pickles, chili mayonnaise, rustic fries & aioli

Goat Cheese Chicken 25 € -Chicken fillet with goat cheese, roasted potatoes, and vegetables

Gasti's Vegetarian 20 € -Five-bean salsa, beefsteak tomato, roasted potatoes, vegetables, and baguette

Purje Burger 18 € -Beef patty, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, marinated onion, and rustic fries.

Burger also available with chicken or halloumi.


Gentle Chili Chocolate Cake 13.50 € 

Strawberry sauce and vanilla whipped cream

Tampere Ice Cream Factory's Elderflower

Lemon Sorbet 8.50 € -Strawberry sauce and berries (dairy-free)

MaReng's Meringue 13.50 € 

Local meringue, berries, and lemon cream


All dishes are lactose-free and gluten-free (request gluten-free bread separately).

The countries of origin for the meats we use are various EU countries.

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