Welcome Cyclist

Welcome Cyclist

We are cyclist friendly restaurant!

You can get to our restaurant from Pori (8-tie) by light traffic.

With us you may

- fill water bottles

- borrow small repair tools for bikes and bike pumps

- take a dip in the sea and camp nearby in the "forest"

- lock the bike and keep it overnight in a locked place

-you can charge the batteries and we also have free wifi


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We conjure up taste pleasures in a breathtakingly beautiful seascape just for you!

As an archipelago restaurant, we certainly serve delicious seafood, but also quality steaks, burgers and soups. For dessert, a piece of cake, a cooling sorbet or some other delicacy is delicious, which we serve at any time, not forgetting the products of our coffee.

All our food is homemade and we prefer as much local products as possible. For example, we use potatoes and vegetables from nearby areas and local, fresh fish.

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